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Online shopping
2021-11-21 19:07 UTC by USA TODAY

Cyber Monday deals


Thanksgiving travel
2021-11-22 05:29 UTC by USA TODAY

Tips for flying ✈️


Sex and dating 💋
2021-09-21 18:44 UTC by USA TODAY

Celibacy is trending


Omicron variant
2021-11-29 06:05 UTC by USA TODAY

What to know


Omicron variant could fuel global surge with 'severe consequences,' WHO warns: COVID-19 updates
2021-11-29 12:07 UTC by USA TODAY

The US needs weeks to learn more about the omicron variant and the WHO tries to create an international treaty for future pandemic responses. Updates.


Cyber Monday has arrived —shop the 400+ best deals from Amazon, Walmart and more
2021-11-29 12:07 UTC by Reviewed

Cyber Monday deals are finally here. Shop the best deals on Apple, gift cards, headphones, laptops and more.


32 things we learned from Week 12 of 2021 NFL season: Playoff picture keeps shifting
2021-11-29 04:07 UTC by USA TODAY

The outlook for the AFC and NFC's top playoff seeds continues to change week to week, with some contenders rising while others fade.


Biden's infrastructure law mandates technology in new vehicles to stop drunk drivers. How would it work?
2021-11-29 11:57 UTC by USA TODAY

The bipartisan infrastructure law instructs regulators to develop requirements for automakers to include anti-drunk driving technology in new cars.


Ghislaine Maxwell's accusers say she sexually exploited them. Here's what her trial may reveal
2021-11-28 19:30 UTC by USA TODAY

Opening arguments will begin in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, who is charged with helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse girls as young as 14.


BTS' LA concert highlights: Megan Thee Stallion surprises crowd, Jin channels 'Squid Game'
2021-11-29 09:21 UTC by USA TODAY

Everything that went down on Day 2 of BTS' Permission to Dance On Stage - LA concert, including a surprise appearance by Megan Thee Stallion.


Opinion: Lincoln Riley to USC was a no-brainer. He avoids SEC mayhem, has shot at a championship.
2021-11-29 01:31 UTC by USA TODAY

With OU going to the SEC, why would Lincoln Riley stick around to lead a middle-tier program and face the possibility of becoming the next Nebraska?


Amazon Cyber Monday deals are epic: Shop 200+ deals on AirPods, Oculus, iRobot and more
2021-11-29 12:08 UTC by Reviewed

We've rounded up the best deals from the Amazon Cyber Monday 2021 sale, from brands like Apple, Bose, Samsung, KitchenAid and Nintendo.


Shadow Wolves Native American tracking unit could expand under new bill
2021-11-29 09:00 UTC by Arizona Republic

The Shadow Wolves unit is Homeland Security's only Native American specialized tracking team. Senate committees have OK'd a bill to expand it.


Question looms over Vanessa Bryant lawsuit against Los Angeles County: What does she want?
2021-11-28 14:00 UTC by USA TODAY

The widow of Kobe Bryant is no ordinary plaintiff and might not be interested in money to settle her lawsuit over crash-site photos.


Who could replace Lincoln Riley as Oklahoma football coach? Five potential candidates
2021-11-29 04:01 UTC by Oklahoman

Brent Venables, Matt Campbell and others lead an early field of strong candidates who could replace Lincoln Riley as Oklahoma football coach.


Woman attacks Spirit Airlines flight attendants, restrained by passenger with zip ties
2021-11-29 11:54 UTC by Nashville Tennessean

Woman attacks Spirit Airlines flight attendants and was arrested by airport police for public intoxication.


Cheap tickets, tiny airports, and no TSA PreCheck: What it's like to fly new budget airline Avelo
2021-11-29 10:01 UTC by USA TODAY

The budget carrier started flights from California in April and recently expanded to the busy Connecticut-Florida corridor.


Tom Ford 'often laughed out loud' watching 'House of Gucci,' criticizes some 'absolute hams'
2021-11-29 06:35 UTC by USA TODAY

Designer, filmmaker Tom Ford's new essay criticizes the "House of Gucci" drama and some scenery-chewing performances. But he praises Lady Gaga.


5-year-old fatally shot by Minnesota teen making social media video on Thanksgiving, police say
2021-11-29 00:49 UTC by USA TODAY

A 5-year-old boy was fatally shot in Minnesota on Thanksgiving after a teen accidentally fired a gun while making a social media video, police said.


Best Buy Cyber Monday 2021 savings are epic—shop huge discounts on Apple, Bose and more
2021-11-29 12:12 UTC by Reviewed

The Best Buy Cyber Monday 2021 sale is finally here. Today, you can save on laptops, gaming and appliances. We've rounded up the best ones available.


Michigan makes big move in USA TODAY Sports AFCA Coaches Poll after Ohio State win
2021-11-28 17:54 UTC by USA TODAY

A win against Ohio State made Michigan one of the biggest winners in this week's USA TODAY Sports AFCA Coaches Poll along with Oklahoma State.


Bob Stoops will be interim Oklahoma football coach with Lincoln Riley off to USC
2021-11-29 04:23 UTC by Oklahoman

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma's head coach from 1999-2016, will serve as the Sooners' interim coach after Lincoln Riley departed to take over at USC.


How space tech can help the world fight the pandemic
2021-11-29 05:27 UTC by USA TODAY

Could technology developed for space help us battle the pandemic? The answer is yes, according to an article published in Nature Medicine.


NFL Week 12 winners and losers: Bill Belichick has Patriots rolling. Wounded Titans are in a freefall.
2021-11-29 11:17 UTC by USA TODAY

Behind rookie QB Mac Jones and a strong defense, the Patriots look dangerous. The win-now Rams, meanwhile, have issues to resolve.


Virgil Abloh, trailblazing Louis Vuitton director, dies after private cancer battle at 41
2021-11-28 22:33 UTC by USA TODAY

Virgil Abloh, the artistic director for Louis Vuitton menswear and CEO of Off-White, died Sunday after a private cancer battle. He was 41.


The best 150+ deals you can get at Walmart this Cyber Monday—Save on AirPods, Samsung TVs and more
2021-11-29 11:48 UTC by Reviewed

Walmart Cyber Monday 2021 deals are here. Shop the best sales on Samsung, iRobot, Apple AirPods, Apple iPhones, TVs, headphones, air fryers and more.


Scammers are sending fake 'store' surveys and impersonating Amazon. Here's what to watch out for.
2021-11-29 04:18 UTC by USA TODAY

Amazon is one of the most impersonated brands, and scammers are taking advantage of eager holiday shoppers. Here's what to watch out for this year.


Reparations call is a moral reckoning white Americans can no longer delay
2021-11-28 14:00 UTC by USA TODAY

The history of Black oppression, its relevance and the need for atonement have to be recognized by every white person in America.


Researchers announce discovery of ancient mammoth tusk found 10,000 feet deep in the ocean
2021-11-28 19:12 UTC by USA TODAY

California researchers believe the discovered tusk is at least 10,000 years old, but they are unsure how it got to the ocean.


'Grattitude' with attitude
2021-11-22 19:39 UTC by USA TODAY

Artist Peter Tunney's exclusive "GRATTITUDE" and "LIBERTY" artwork using USA TODAY NETWORK pages is available as NFTs to benefit charity.


Holiday foods
2021-11-18 01:14 UTC by USA TODAY

Shopping tips, recipes, how-to guides and everything you need for stress-free cooking during the best part of the year.


Hear the story
2021-10-12 18:24 UTC by USA TODAY

USA TODAY podcasts bring fresh perspective on the nation's news straight to your earbuds. Catch up on the news that matters most or immerse yourself in heart-pounding investigative shows.


What is happening at Ukraine's border? Putin's buildup of Russian troops sparks concern
2021-11-26 15:08 UTC by USA TODAY

A previous build-up of Russian forces on the border preceded Moscow's annexation of Crimea. President Vladimir Putin is threatening Ukraine again.


Not a 'two-sides issue': Transgender people exist. Why is there a debate over whether they should have rights?
2021-11-18 18:50 UTC by USA TODAY

For a transgender person to feel like their very existence is being debated – or denied – is devastating, experts say.


What LGBTQ, Native American and other civil rights leaders learned from Black protesters
2021-11-11 00:14 UTC by USA TODAY

In the late '60s, activists fighting for civil rights for women, Native Americans, Chicanos and other groups were inspired by Black protesters.


'No longer the cool story:' 106-0 win has obscured Inglewood High football's incredible rise
2021-11-20 01:02 UTC by USA TODAY

The Inglewood High football team was roundly criticized when it won a game 106-0, but the program is having inspiring success on and off the field.


What's in a name? For families desperate for a diagnosis, knowing the cause of illness matters
2021-11-29 00:01 UTC by USA TODAY

Medicine has made strides understanding rare genetic diseases but many patients, often children, face a diagnostic odyssey to find out what is wrong.


Hidden books, secret meetings, precious hope: In Afghanistan, girls risk it all for an education
2021-11-22 15:23 UTC by USA TODAY

The Taliban effectively banned education for the majority of girls in Afghanistan. But many are now studying in secret.


Women would be required to register with the Selective Service if this amendment becomes law
2021-11-28 21:17 UTC by USA TODAY

A congressional amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to see women register in case of a military draft has mostly bipartisan support.


Easy as (apple) pie: What apples are best? How long to cook? A step-by-step guide to the perfect pie
2021-11-23 17:45 UTC by USA TODAY

The thought of making an apple pie from scratch can seem intimidating, but it's easier than you think. Here's a step-by-step guide to the perfect pie.


From Capitol riot to cicadas, outer space to the Suez Canal: A visual dive into 2021's biggest stories
2021-11-26 14:33 UTC by USA TODAY

In 2021, we showed you broken parts of the environment, infrastructure and international relations. Here are a few of our favorite visual stories.


How Reviewed experts pick products and deals for shoppers (sometimes they set things on fire)
2021-11-25 17:47 UTC by USA TODAY

Staffers test thousands of products to bring readers deals. Sometimes that involves setting aprons on fire.


Native food is more than a Thanksgiving spread. What Indigenous chefs want you to know about their incredibly diverse cuisine.
2021-11-24 13:59 UTC by USA TODAY

Experts point to many reasons behind the scarcity of Native restaurants but most are rooted in a history of cultural erasure and displacement.



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